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Baking Pan – 7 Hole Mini Doughnut Baking Pan Made from Silicone

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1 piece 7 Holes
2 pieces 14 Holes Total
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Doughnuts are a classic treat, best enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee. With a baking pan like this, now you can regularly bake a batch in your own home and feed not only your family but still have enough for your neighbors or friends.

Sometimes, just one doughnut is enough. You don’t have to suffer by suppressing your craving. You can indulge yourself by making not just one, two, or three of your favorite flavors. Make seven of them! This seven-holed baking pan makes this possible and saves you the hassle of having to clean multiple pans when you’re baking a large batch.

Key Advantages of silicone bakeware:

  • Made from silicone, so it’s safe for kitchen-use!
  • Lightweight: easily store this away in your cabinets – even bring this when visiting others for the holidays!
  • Flexible to allow easy release of baked treats.
  • Resistant to both heat and cold temperatures, so you can be confident in using this however way you want
  • Nonstick: makes it easier to fish out your finished products
  • Also great for chilled desserts
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Grey with green

Set variations:

  • 1 x Doughnut Mould Pan - 7 hole baking pan
  • 2 x Doughnut Mould Pan - 7 hole baking pan (14 holes in total) 



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