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Large Multipurpose Cotton Linen Folding Organisational Storage Bag

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Large Multipurpose Cotton Linen Folding Organisational Storage Bag

Expected Delivery Date: 14-25 Days

Keep your home cluttered-free with these modern material storage bags.  Versatile and multi-purpose, it can be used to keep seasonal clothings, blankets, linens, holiday decorations, toys, photos or kids clothing.  Great for any home that wants to stay organised and on top of the mess!

These bags are lightweight and portable, making them easy to put away whether it's under the bed, closet or garage.  The carry handles makes it extra easy for stacking or for transportation from place to place.  The zipper closure also protects against dusts.

Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
Style: Modern
Feature: Foldable with Zips to close
Carry Handles: Great for Clothes, Blankets, Closets, Bedrooms
Material: Cotton Fabric
Load Capacity: 10kg
Variant 1-4:    26cm (H) x 52cm (L) x 41cm (W)
Variant 5-7:    22cm (H) x 40cm (L) x 47cm (W)
Variant 8-11:  26cm (H) x 41cm (L) x 52cm (W)


Variant 1-4 :
waterproof-Linen-Folding-organizer-clothes-storage-box-toys-organizer-quilt-storage-bin-Laundry-storage-basket-Large (2)



Variant 5-7 :


Variant 8-11 :



waterproof-Linen-Folding-organizer-clothes-storage-box-toys-organizer-quilt-storage-bin-Laundry-storage-basket-Large (1)waterproof-Linen-Folding-organizer-clothes-storage-box-toys-organizer-quilt-storage-bin-Laundry-storage-basket-Large


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